Taking Payments:

All swimming lessons are paid for termly in advance.  In week 7 of the term, you will be asked if you would like a place for the following term.  Those already swimming with SMART SWIM receive preference for the places available for the following term.  Payment for the following term must be received before the end of the current term. No places will be held without payment.  Places to be paid for in cash or BACS only.

Data Protection:

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We are fully compliant with GDPR and would like to reassure all our participants, we only collect the necessary information that is needed for our enrolment process to facilitate your swimming classes. This information is kept as a secure electronic file is only shared within our swim school for the period of your enrolment. Your enrolment information is held for tax purposes for a period of 5 years. We do not pass your information to any third party.

From time to time also send out our newsletter updates which you are welcome to opt out of. If you choose to opt out of the newsletter, you will possibly not be informed of term times and class changes or cancellations.  Medical details are only kept with regards to relevance within your or your child’s swimming lessons. Information is only shared with the swim instructor (if necessary) and kept locked and secure.

Refunds and Cancellations:

SMART SWIM is under no obligation to refund or transfer any monies in the event that you are unable to attend part of, or the entire course. Catch up lessons will only be offered under exceptional circumstances.

Once the term has started, we are unable to offer any refund and 100% cancellation fees are applicable.

If you wish to withdraw your child from the term on medical grounds, then we require a letter from your GP or specialist detailing the nature of your child’s ailment and confirming that your child has been medically advised not to swim for the period of the relevant ten week term.  Any refund given on these grounds shall be apportioned according to the number of lessons remaining in the course, from the date of receipt of the aforementioned doctor’s certificate and your notification to us. The refund will then be sent to you within 14 days.

SMART SWIM reserves the right to change the lesson teacher or times, and in some exceptional circumstances cancel classes. Only under these circumstances will refunds be issued to swimmers who are unable to attend an alternative session.

Any cancellations due to force majeure, power cuts, adverse weather, disasters, terrorism, war and pandemics will not be refundable, as these are out of our control.


We ask that you follow this Code of Conduct not only to ensure you enjoy your experience, but for the safety and wellbeing of all attendees.

Safety in our lessons is our priority.  However, it is important you have read our terms and conditions and made sure you understand our assumption of risk. (i.e. you are fully responsible for yourself and those in your care in the pool and surrounding areas).  

  • No smoking allowed anywhere on the property
  • For our baby and toddler classes we ask that one adult must enter the water with each baby/toddler. That adult is exclusively responsible for the safety of the baby/toddler both in the pool, changing rooms and the surrounding areas. Siblings in the class or on poolside will not be allowed in the pool without prior permission from the teacher.
  • Babies/children under 4 years must adhere to the Happy Nappy ‘double layer’ system. A baby warmer and swim nappy is not adequate.
  • SMART SWIM reserves the right to refuse entry into the pool without the appropriate swimwear.
  • Swim hats are not necessary, but all long hair must be plaited please
  • All persons entering the pool must shower beforehand. Encourage children to use the toilet before their lesson.
  • Please take care when walking on poolside or around the changing areas as they can become slippy when wet.  Strictly no running inside the building.
  • All shoes and coats are to be left in the conservatory. Prams and car seats can be left in the Smart Cabin.
  • No children are allowed in Smart cabin unsupervised
  • Due to the risk of contamination, please ensure you are not wearing any makeup, cosmetic products including creams and oils when you come swimming.
  • Please do not attend swimming if you or your child have been unwell with sickness or diarrhoea in the last 48hrs.  For all contagious illnesses, please contact us before swimming.
  • All children with verrucas must wear a verucca sock to prevent spreading them to others
  • If your child has Chicken Pox, they will not be able to swim until all spots have scabbed over.   
  • Smart Swim reserves to right to cancel an individual’s course without a refund, through any incident / inappropriate behaviour at the centre.
  • Smart Swim will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury whilst on pool premises.
  • Please note during our classes photos or video recordings are not permitted. Photos at the end of the class of just your child are permitted but prior permission must be obtained from the Instructor and we will always check with the rest of the class first.
  • All personal items must be taken home at the end of each lesson. Any personal belongings are left at the owners’ risk.  
  • SMART SWIM cannot be held liable for any property left at the pool. Lost property will be kept in the cabin and taken to a charity shop at the end of every term.
  • You are fully responsible for all the applications of SMART SWIM you may practise outside the classes now and in the future.
  • Arrive in sufficient time to allow the class to begin as scheduled (10 mins is adequate).
  • If waiting on poolside, please wait quietly.  If you are noisy you will be asked to be quiet, failure to do this means you will be asked to leave the poolside.  It is imperative that noise is kept to a minimum so that those in the pool can hear the Instructor and so staff can maintain the safest possible environment.  The same applies when observing any classes.
  • We ask parents to bring towels to poolside.
  • If you have a medical problem and use any medication i.e an inhaler, please tell your instructor and feel free to keep this near you in class.
  • Avoid feeding babies too close to your lesson time.
  • No food or drink is to be taken into the changing areas.  
  • Swimming goggles may be worn at the owner’s risk.
  • Jewellery/watches can be a hazard and should not be worn during swimming.
  • Only enter the pool when told to do so by the Instructor.
  • In the event of an emergency all swimmers and spectators will immediately stop what they are doing and wait for further instructions.
  • Should it be necessary to evacuate the building no attempt should be made to recover possessions from the changing rooms or anywhere else within the building.  A member of staff will take charge once the swimmers have left the water. Exit the building at the emergency exits. The meeting point is on the bowling green opposite the pool building.
  • Any misdemeanors and breach of this Code of Conduct will be dealt with by SMART SWIM staff.


Parking at any of our venues is at your own risk, we do not accept any liability to your car or your personal possessions. Please be considerate when parking your car and park in the places provided.


At SMART SWIM SCHOOL we take the utmost care and attention when conducting our classes.   Your safety is paramount. However, there is also a duty of care for each swimmer including parent and child or any other person(s) wishing to spectate.  

Care and attention is required within the pool and surrounding areas as any body of water has obvious inherent risks including, and not limited to, drowning.

Neither SMART SWIM, its employees, nor instructors accept any responsibility for any death, injury or loss suffered, nor damage to any part of the swimming pool or centre, car park or any adjoining lands, buildings or boundaries caused by you, your child, or those in whose care you have placed your child, whether attending or observing SMART SWIM Lessons.

Whilst we give our up most service to all our swimmers and work hard to give every swimmer our fullest attention, progression is not linear and not guaranteed.

We are happy to discuss any of our Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct and this Disclaimer at your time of booking.


  1.      Smart Swim has an Equal Opportunities Policy and will not discriminate on the grounds of sex, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, political or religious belief.
  2.      Smart Swim believes that all employees, swimmers and parents/carers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect and Smart Swim will not condone or permit harassment or discrimination.
  3.      Smart Swim is committed to Equal Opportunities by taking positive action to:

* Comply with the requirements of equalities legislation currently in force and monitoring for any future revisions.

* Promote practices and procedures that give Equal Opportunities to everybody who wish to achieve one of our awards or be one of our employees.

*Consider the needs of all potential students when developing qualifications to minimise any later need to make reasonable adjustments for candidates with particular requirements.

* Develop assessment methodologies that are based on award requirements and aim to avoid unnecessary barriers to achievement.

* Guarantee fair assessment for all students, including those with particular assessment requirements.

* Monitor all publications and material produced by Smart Swim and Swimming Teachers Association Awards Body to ensure that they are free from bias.

* Promote the principles of diversity and accessibility.

* Monitor and review our policy on a regular basis, taking into account all changes to current legislation.

  1.      The Equal Opportunities Policy will be implemented by:

* Promoting the policy on the Smart Swim website and making it readily available to anyone who requires it.

* Inclusion in regular CPD activities for employees.

* Evaluating the effectiveness of our policy through statistical analysis of student’s results and monitoring our complaints procedure.


This Privacy Notice sets out the basis on which we will process the personally identifying information (‘Personal Data’) that we collect and receive from and about users of our website (www.SMARTSWIMSCHOOL.CO.UK) and customers who purchase swimming lessons, attend our lessons or subscribe to our newsletters

Our privacy commitments: We will only collect, keep, use and share Personal Data for legitimate business purposes that we explain here below, or if we’re legally required to do so. We will be as clear and open as we can with you on what Personal Data we collect and how it will be processed. For as long as we maintain records of your Personal Data, we will keep it up to date and protect it with appropriate safety measures.


We collect the following Personal data from or about you as a SMART SWIM SCHOOL customer:
Personal Data Collected Directly from you through the booking process: your name, your children’s name(s), phone number, postal address, email address, gender and ages. Our legal basis for the collection and processing of this data is the provision to you of the services purchased by you.
Personal Data Collected Automatically from the use by you of the Sites. The data transmitted from your browser includes your IP address, the date and time of the visit the pages accessed, the access status/HTTP status code, your browser, your operating system and interface, as well as the language and version of the browser software. The legal basis for collecting and processing this personal data is to be able to operate the Sites and provide you with access to the pages you wish to access.


We use your Personal Data:

  • To personalise your experience with us (your information helps us to better respond to your individual needs)
  • To improve our website (we continually strive to improve our website based on the information we receive from you)
  • To send periodic e-mails re term start dates and informing parents about pool closures, etc . The e-mail address you provide us with, will only be used to send you information and updates pertaining to your child’s swimming lessons (Please note; If at any time you would like to opt out from receiving e-mails, please let Julia know. However, you will then not be updated with SMART SWIM’S news or term dates.)
  • To contact you with surveys and feedback requests (for example relating to our swimming lessons you or your child have attended)


We use cookies (small text files which are transferred to your browser by the Sites to identify data traffic patterns, personalise contents and support security). They do not provide any information which might disclose the identity of a specific person but they may potentially identify your computer, our browser and your internet settings. You may change the storing of cookies in your browser settings at any time by selecting the function “accept no cookies”. However, disabling essential cookies may result in you no longer be able to use the entire functionality of the Site.


SMART SWIM SCHOOL will not sell your information. We will not share your information with any third party except as stated in this Privacy Notice or as required to operate the Sites or provide our services to you.


Data Collection: We collect the following Personal Data about you if you visit one of our Sites: site referrals, browsing pattern, browser type, location, general interests, gender, age. The data transmitted from your browser includes your IP address, the date and time of the visit the pages accessed, the access status/ HTTP status code, your browser, your operating system and interface, as well as the language and version of the browser software. The legal basis for collecting and processing this personal data is our legitimate interest in operating the Sites, providing you with access to the pages you wish to access, understanding the interests of our potential customers and providing you with relevant information about our services.

SMART SWIM SCHOOL will not sell your information. We will not share your information with any third party except as stated in this Privacy Notice or as required to operate the Sites, provide our services to you or otherwise as required or permitted by law. We regularly review our security systems to ensure that your Personal Data remains safe and secure.

Your Rights in Relation to Personal Data:

You have the right to update and correct the personal information on your account. You also have the right to request from us all personal information that we hold that relates to you, to request restriction of the processing of that data and to request that we delete that data. Where allowed by applicable law there may be an administrative charge for supply of copies of data and we may also require you to provide us with appropriate identification before we comply with this request. You also have the right to object to our continued processing of your personal data. You may also have the right to data portability.
You can contact us with questions about the personal information we hold about you using the contact information provided in the Contact Us of this privacy notice.
We will update this Privacy Notice from time to time to reflect changes in our business. All such changes will be posted to the Sites and if we consider it to be appropriate we will notify subscribers of any material changes by e-mail.

SMART SWIM SCHOOL is the Data Controller in respect of any Personal Data that you submit to us or that we collect from or about you. If you would like to know what information we hold about you or if you have any other queries or complaints in relation to this Privacy Notice, or our Sites, our contact details are as follows:

Julia de Lucchi
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