Smart Swim is now offering aquatherapy (or hydrotherapy) treatment. These are one-to-one sessions where we perform exercises in water for therapy, relaxation, fitness and physical rehabilitation.

We provide a  form of deep relaxation aquatic therapy for a gentle, holistic body work experience in our beautiful warm pool.

Care and Understanding

What is aqua-therapy?

  • A gentle, holistic body work experience
  • Form of deep relaxation aquatic therapy
  • One to one care and attention
  • Uniquely tailored to each individuals needs
  • Assisted mobilization of joints in water
  • Passive exercises using resistance of water
  • Rehabilitation therapy using aquatic exercises
  • Gravity free environment enables freer movement


Aids muscle tone

Aids circulation and decreases oedema

Reduces tension and muscle spasm

Increases range of movement

Co-ordination improved

Increases energy levels

Reduces pain

Reduces stress

Balance awareness

Reduces pain

Ready to book a session?

To discuss your needs and find a time that suits you, please call Julia – 07795109291

Half an hour session – £30

Smart Swim is a lovely warm swimming environment with friendly staff.