After School Swimming

Our after school swimming lessons are truly hands-on, as all Smart Swim teachers work from within the water. Just like the younger lessons, our foundation is to teach life-saving water safety skills and build confidence.

Whether your child is a complete beginner, or could simply use some gentle direction to improve his or her confidence and skills, our aim is to take all children and turn them into little fish!

Improving technique,
staying safe

Professional hands-on approach

By teaching from within the water, we show that water can be safe and fun and that we are there to help. It builds trust, which helps to develop a relationship with the water, making learning to swim EASY!

Exercise and health

We focus on helping your child maintain a healthy posture in the water, with good spinal alignment during swimming, to avoid any strain on the neck and spine.  Our focus is on correct technique tuition, showing a wonderful way to have loads of FUN and exercise ! 

Positivity and Incentives

Our motto is to praise and encourage each child’s achievement, no matter how big or small. We are an STA accredited Swim School and follow the STA swim programme giving children an incentive to improve their skills and endurance.

Improving technique

We pride ourselves in using a combination of techniques, using our hands-on non-conventional approach to teaching swimming. We work closely with their reflex development to gain the best from each individual child.

Finding balance

We don’t use arm bands, as we believe in allowing the children time to discover their own buoyancy—a vital ingredient of swimming. Our classes incorporate aquatic brain gym activities and work on core balance skills.

Ready to book a session?

We are regularly at full capacity, so to find out about availability, just tell us a little about you and your child and Julia will contact you to find the class that’s suited to you.

For class times and fees, please read our How it Works page.


What should my child wear for swimming?
The pool is lovely and warm, so a wetsuit is not needed. Your child just needs a swimsuit and if they wish, goggles. All long hair needs to be tied up and in a plait.

How long is a swimming lesson?
After school lessons are 30 minute sessions.

Smart Swim number ratios: 
Baby and Toddler swimming: 6-8 child and parent pairs
3-5yrs Toddler Swimming: 5 children to 1 teacher
After School swimming: 9 children to 2 teachers
Private lessons: 1-4 children to one teacher

Do you offer private lessons?
We do offer one to one private lessons for both children and adults to cater for those who want a tailor made lesson to suit their individual needs.  These cost from £27 for 30mins, please contact Julia to find out more.

Having attended several different swim schools, this is by far the best. They focus on technique rather than distances, which is great.”