Baby Swimming

We welcome babies from newborn to swim in our beautiful warm pool. In safe, comfortable, warm and clean surroundings, we encourage parents and children to work through any fears, build confidence, learn safety skills, discover balance, buoyancy and breath control. All Smart Swim school staff believe that the greatest success comes through a fun, loving, relaxed approach tailored specifically to the individual needs of all class members. 

Learning to Love the Water

Water Confidence

Our carefully designed lessons are structured to progress each child at their own speed. As skills are taught and trust between parent, child and the water grows, so does the confidence of both the parent and the child.


Swimming is wonderful exercise for both parent and child as you learn how to swim with your baby, both on your front and your back. The baby learns from the rhythm of the parents swim. (Any nervous parents will be given extra help)

Safety Skills

We teach a safe and healthy respect for the water by introducing safety skills early on. Jumping in, holding on, waiting for permission to enter the pool…..all these are taught and more!


Swimming with your child is a very special bonding moment: through enjoying movement, songs and rhymes together, eye contact, praise and love, and LOADS of fun . . . along with plenty of cuddles!

Dads & Kids

Who says mums get to have all the fun? Dads are welcome to join in with ANY of our classes. 

We love to see daddies having fun and spending quality time with their children in the water. In some classes, where space allows, we are able to encourage both parents to bring their babies or toddlers swimming, so that it can be a special, family bonding experience. (max no. of adults allowed in the pool during a toddler/baby lesson is 10)

Ready to book a session?

We are regularly at full capacity, so to find out about availability, just tell us a little about you and your child and Julia will contact you to find the class that’s suited to you.

For class times and fees, please read our How it Works page.


How old does my baby have to be?
Babies are welcome from newborn, as soon as mum feels ready to come into the pool after the birth.

What should my baby wear for swimming?
The pool is lovely and warm, so a wetsuit for baby is not needed. Baby just needs to wear a DOUBLE LAYER, a swim nappy with another layer over the top.

I’m not a great swimmer…
Parents do NOT need to be able to swim to join in with a class. We are there to help you and teach you how to hold your baby safely in the water.

How long is a swimming lesson?
We offer 45 minute sessions, so there is no rush and lots of time to enjoy bonding with your baby. Saturday baby & toddler classes are half an hour.

Do I need to bring armbands or anything else for my baby?
We don’t use armbands at Smart Swim. Any floatation devices we need, and any other equipment, is all on site. Plus we have changing mats, high chairs and travel cots for your use on pool side and in the changing rooms.

Smart Swim number ratios:
Baby and Toddler swimming: 6-8 child and parent pairs
3-5yrs Toddler Swimming: 5 children to 1 teacher
After School swimming: 9 children to 2 teachers
Private lessons: 1-4 children to one teacher

Do you offer private lessons?
We do offer one to one private lessons for both children and adults to cater for those who want a tailor made lesson to suit their own individual needs.  These cost from £27 for half an hour.

“Really lovely teachers and staff. There’s no pressure to put babies underwater and they always care how the baby is feeling whilst in the water.”